Meg Ryan’s adult son also became an actor! Look what he looks like now

Jack Henry Quaid is another Hollywood kid who is starting to actively develop his career. It’s not surprising when both parents are actors, and mother was once America’s favorite and her films have been reviewed for more than three decades!



Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid got married 30 years ago on Valentine’s Day — February 14, 1991. In the 90s, that was the most productive period of Ryan’s career, the couple along with the couples of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin was considered to be exemplary in Hollywood.



The only difference is that they have never been involved in scandals, so the news of their separation thundered like a bolt from the blue. But even ideal relationships fall apart when someone the third appears. So it was with Ryan and Quaid.

On the set of the film «Proof of Life», the actress met a rising Hollywood star Russell Crowe and lost her head… New relationships swirled Ryan, marriage with Quaid collapsed to the amazement and chagrin of fans. Alas, the relationship with Crowe was short-lived and also soon went wrong, and the actors broke up.



When his parents divorced, Jack was only 10 years old. He was born on April 24, 1992 and literally grew up on the set. Being the son of two actors at once, little Jack was constantly with his parents on the set and to this day keeps memories from this period of time.

Like many children with acting talents, Jack began his career in school plays. Later he became a member of sketch groups — the comedy genre quickly became close to the young man. As a child and teenager, he adored Jim Carrey and his films, especially Liar Liar, which he constantly rewatched.

Dennis Quaid once shared with reporters that the only thing he and Meg did not want was for their son — to become an actor from early childhood. This could have a detrimental effect on the fragile psyche, which is not uncommon among children who feel screen fame too early. But this happened.

Jack Quaid played his first role at the age of 20 — in 2012 in The Hunger Games. The role required a certain physical condition, so he had to prepare not only by memorizing the text, but also by dieting and training in the gym, building up his muscles. In 2015, Jack starred in Ithaca, the directorial debut for his mother, Meg Ryan.

To date, Jack has starred in more than three dozen films and TV shows.

A real career breakthrough for Jack was the series «Boys», which received excellent critical acclaim and was popular among the audience. Also in 2019, the actor starred in the romantic comedy “Plus One” where he played the main male role.

Apparently by his 30th birthday, Jack Quaid will be considered more famous young actor. Not as famous as his mom, but that’s not bad either.

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Meg Ryan’s adult son also became an actor! Look what he looks like now
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