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She became mom at the age of 11. How she lives now
The girl lived in the same apartment with her grandmother. She had no parents, she was raised by her
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The 71-year-old singer ignites the ‘The Voice’ stage with ‘Stand By Me.’
Jimi Bellmartin, a senior contestant on The Voice, stole the show in the finals with a powerful rendition
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Long-awaited happiness. How lives the family where four years ago five offspring were born at once
About four years ago many media outlets wrote about this married couple. Of course the birth of five
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A girl dared to sing one of the world’s most powerful tunes. After a couple of notes, the judges leaped from their seats.
He is only 11 years old. After a few notes, the judges sprang out of their seats! Serena, an eleven-year-old
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Bullies laughed at their daughter’s face – but watch her 25 years later when she silenced all her haters
When Lizzie Velasquez got into kindergarten, she realized she was different. And this was also the first
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Father went to pick his 6-year-old daughter from school – the teacher saw his pants and immediately realized what happened
Ensuring their children are happy, safe and comfortable is the most important task in any parent’s life.
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The girl who looks like a doll is now 9 years ord. What does she look like today?
Little Aira had to pass the test of fame very early. Already at the age of two, she became seriously
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Meg Ryan’s adult son also became an actor! Look what he looks like now
Jack Henry Quaid is another Hollywood kid who is starting to actively develop his career. It’s not surprising
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15 Pics of Celebrities and Their Kids Which Prove That the Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the free
Whether you like it or not, people who are famous for their children may also be in the public eye because
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Parents killed their 7 year old son – and then the doctors found this heartbreaking letter in the boy’s handsз
It happened to a little boy who clearly did not deserve such a fate and we want everyone to read this
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A young girl’s struggle during her performance has captured the hearts of 42 million people. View the video below.
Both sports fans and athletes look forward to the Olympic Games. It is still upsetting for them because
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Son took his mother’s hand when the favorite song started playing – now watch the dance that conquered the Internet by storm
Most of us have sleep problems at one point in life but how we deal with them is the really important thing.
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The star of the Internet. How the baby born with gray hair looks now
Undoubtedly, all newborns are beautiful. Their photos conquer all social networks, because it is impossible
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The Boy Who Was aAdopted By Angelina Jolie; How He Looks Now
One of the most famous Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie first became a foster mother in 2001.
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Baby of two months speaks his first words
The amazing and adorable garden of this infant simply wipes out all the notes. His parents now have the